Move over Gucci handbags, there's a new kid on the block and I hear he's a troublemaker! Rascal Ltd Pack Co is a homegrown brand from the sunny, Gold Coast providing the world with handmade, limited-edition object holders. These beautiful bags are made from scratch (down to every last stitch!) by my good friend Aidan - who let me in to his car, his home and of course, his heart <3

Each bag is upcycled from found materials, sourced from thrift stores and forgotten garments. Rascal breathes new life into these charming textiles, giving any adventurer the perfect backpack to flaunt his or her personality. If it's not the smell of moth balls, it's the aroma of the seaside that is woven into the fibres of these goods, bound by hard work, passion and love. The good vibes that follow are just a serendipitous after effect from Rascal's products.

Due to the nature of the products, there are limited numbers - so bag yourself a bargain asap!